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Colleen Crosby's Home Page

Welcome to my home page. I am a part-time homemaker who loves to bake. At present I am a full-time hardware analyst. In my copious spare time, I make costumes for my husband and myself, attend and help run science fiction conventions, perform in a comedy group, and ride a recumbent bike. My latest project was to build a fireplace.

My Family and Friends

My immediate family consists of me; my husband, Shawn; and our aquatic turtle, Gamera. Shawn is a thaumaturgist. He makes toys, does graphics for software games, and is addicted to Star Wars toys. Gamera swims around hoping that little fishies will wander into his tank to be eaten. Here is my photo album and some links to friends' pages.


Go Girl!

Rosie the Riveter

I love the fit of 1940's clothing, so I was excited when we put on a show that was based on USO shows of the 1940's. I made myself a pair of Rosie the Riveter overalls. They were so comfortable and fun that they became the basis of my favorite costume. Click on Rosie to see pictures of my costume and other Rosie things.


Colleen's Costumes I started making costumes for the Renaissance Faire. (That's where I met Shawn!) I moved on to Victorian balls and science fiction conventions. I like the science fiction conventions best, because you can wear a different costume every day. Click here to see pictures of costumes I have made or worn.


Science Fiction Conventions

At science fiction conventions, I edit newsletters, perform in shows, wear costumes, help out in registration or information, attend parties, and dance my heart out at rock dances.

Click the rocket for links to some science fiction conventions.

Lux Theater Presents

Lux Radio Theater Shawn and I used to perform in an improvisational comedy troupe called The Enigma Players. Over time the group has evolved to creating and performing evening variety shows at LOSCON and other area conventions. The variety shows usually present a themed evening. Past themes have been Cross-Time USO, Restaurant at the End of the Universe, 80's rock band, and 60's End of the World Telethon. In 2000, we dressed as 40's movie stars and performed Star Wars as a radio drama called The Adventures of Luke Skywalker. In 2001, we dressed up like cartoon characters for Lux Schoolhouse Theater. And in 2002, we put on Can Can dresses for Lux After Dark. In 2003, we plan to take a break!

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