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I'm schedule to give 3 15-minute lectures on Ladies' Fashion of the Golden Era of the Ocean Liner: 1900 - 1940 in June. The lectures will be Baording and Deckwear, Teawear, and Eveningwear. I thought it would be appropriate to dress in something from that time period.




Vintage Vogue 2671 is a nice day dress from 1933.



I'm throwing caution to the wind in hopes for speed and wearing modern underwear.

However, I will need a full slip. I'm hoping to find a quick pattern with wide straps to cover my bra straps.



My first mockup was in a size 12, even as my internal voice was telling me it wasn't going to fit. And it was too tight. I debated resizing it myselft, then headed out to pick up a new copy of the pattern. A size 16 fit in the breast, but was too loose elsewhere. I resized every other seam to a 14, and it fit wonderfully. I did have to make an adjustment to the size of the button flap, as well.



I originally picked up a green floral poly fabric, but I decided it was too boingy. Then I found a 100% white dotted Swiss, which is lovely and delicate and called for in the pattern instructions.


I used Rit dye to dye the dotted Swiss royal blue. I was initially nervous, because I haven't dyed many things, but it came out beautifully!



Here are pictures of the completed dress. I still haven't decided whether to go with the blue belt or the bone belt, which I would have to dye. (Shawn recolored the picture for me.) Unfortunately, the details don't show incredibly well in my pix.



I picked up the vintage-looking shoes at Shoe Trader.



I got a copy of a great vintage slip pattern similar to this one from the lovely sewphisticate. There has been much wrangling with it, and I thought I had it sewn into submission, but I used bad fabric, so it's still not done. For some unknown reason, I chose to use a heavy stretch cotton. I'm going to rework the pattern, moving more of the fullness in the breast to be even over the breast seam instead of all at one side. And I'm going to sew it again with a silk or a thin poly that the dress will slide over, rather than stick to.