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In early 2006, I am going on a cruise, which will require formal evening wear. I want my gown to fit really well, and I want it to be a costume. I looked into both 30s and 40s evening gowns.

I usually love the 40s: I'm more of a spunky-type than an elegant type. But the glamour of the 30s gowns make them so lovely!



People who don't understand clothing from other eras, don't understand why I need a girdle for an evening gown from the 1930s. I'm not overly fat, but gowns from the 30s really clung to every curve. You want to be able to fit these gowns really close to have them look tres chic.

With help from the kind folks at The Fedora Lounge, I was able to find a retro girdle from Girdlebound. Pictures soon!

Slip pattern

I ordered the Intimacies pattern from Past Patterns. I'm going to have to modify the back to be low enough to fit under the dress.

Dress pattern

I decided on a Vogue pattern for my dress. I had considered the 40s pattern, but I truly fell in love with the 30s.


I took a poll at Cooking Light, and the concensus was to find a smoke blue silk. As soon as I can manage a trip to the garment district, I'm hoping to find just the right fabric.