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L'Etoile Rouge
Our Lux show for 2002 was called Lux After Dark and was loosely based on Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge! Our dresses differed in that each dress had a science fiction theme. Our dancers were (clockwise from the upper left): Nev (Kim Bergdahl) from the t.v. show "Lex"; Nova (Maria Rodriguez), a 1950's atom-based design; Callisto (Steffnee Peterman) a Twi'lek from Star Wars, complete with Leku; Maria (Nicole Bealand) from the 1927 movie, "Metropolis"; and Cosette (Colleen Crosby) with a space and spaceship theme reminiscent of George Melies 1902 movie, La Voyage dans la Lune (A Trip to the Moon. Here we are posing with Zidler (Andy Bradshaw).
The year is 2238. On a space station orbiting high above a mining planet, M. Zidler has recreated an ancient nightclub from the planet Earth, circa 1900. He calls it L’Etoile Rouge (the Red Star), a kingdom of nighttime pleasures.  

Lux After Dark is the story of innocent Sebastian who, together with his Childhood friend, Cosette, comes to terms with the fact that although the universe is cruel sometimes, friendships can blossom into much more. 

Lux After Dark is the story of the passionate Phillipe and his "partner in crime," the beautiful Josephine.

Lux After Dark is the story of a group of people who want to put on a show.


The Can-Can

An ingénue eager to break into the world of entertainment, Cosette is one of the Can-Can dancers at L’Etoile Rouge. Her costume, evocative of early space flight, is innocent in contrast to the other Can-Can dancers. The silver rocket blasts away into the depths of space, leaving a fiery trail behind. The red star just over her heart is a reminder that she belongs to L’Etoile Rouge. The ruffles reflect the silver and blue starscape. The pink shortie bloomers with white ruffles are a reflection of Cosette’s true nature. Her only jewelry is a necklace with a moon charm to remind her that she really can have the moon.


I entered this dress in the L.A. County Fair Costumer's Guild West science fiction division, and it won First Place. It also won best in show for all costumes!

Making the Dresses

To be a Cancan dancer in Lux After Dark, we required each dancer to pay for their own costume and to help make them.

The bodice and shorty drawers were made from Laughing Moon pattern #105, Saloon Girl. The skirt is modified from the same pattern. The ruffles were created independently, as the pattern did not provide for enough ruffles or the size we needed for the look we were after. The Lex bodice was an altered Renaissance peasant bodice. 

Before I tell you what we did, you have to know that each person did way more than I've stated here. There's just too much to tell.

Shawn Crosby started us off by making designs for 6 dresses, 4 of which were chosen by the dancers to make and wear. (The Lex dress was taken directly from the tv show.) Then he came in at the end and made a lot of the extra "hardware," like Nicole's headpiece.

I led the team. I put the ruffle in most of the ruffles and I made four of the bodices.

Kim also directed. She cut and sewed the ruffles and made the other bodice.

Maria was our workhorse. She sewed many of the skirts and pinned most of the ruffles.

Steffnee and Nicole were our novices. But they learned so much! They ironed, drew and cut patterns, learned to hand sew for finishing, and spent a lot of time cutting threads.

David Milano was our specialty guy. He glued all of the rhinestones and all of the atoms.

Nennette Evans came all the way down from Visalia to help fit bodices. I had never done it before, and it was scary!

We also had help from Kirsten Hageleit, Suzi Casement, and Kathy Soper. Thank you all!

Baby Got Back The Dancing

Keep in mind that at the same time that we are working 6 days a week to get the dresses done (staying up until 3 am at times!), we had to learn to corsettes.

Thankfully, Nicole is a really talented dancer, and she knows how to choreograph. She put together almost all of the dances. And Steffnee helped us get our naughty attitudes on. No half-measures...we had to mean it!

It was a lot of work learning the dances, but we had all these ruffles to show off. We were going to dance!

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