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Elf Christmas Shawn is wearing the "Highwayman" costume he made. This is what he wore the first weekend we met. The cape is cut down from a skirt. Runes are burned into the leather trim. Almost everything in the costume is tied or clipped on. There are no buttons or zippers or velcro or even hook and eyes. He carries a bow and a quiver of arrows, a sack of runes, and he wears "the hairlocks of his ancestors." I love the detail that Shawn puts into his costumes.

Colleen is wearing an "elf" costume modeled on the character Moonshade from the Elfquest series of comic books. (I truly recommend this series; it is the only comic series I read.) I made this costume with tips from Shaunn Lawrence.

This picture was taken in 1992(?) at Del Amo Mall. We're trying to look tough.