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Shawn and I were getting ready to go to Star Wars Celebration, so we decided it was time to make new Jedi costumes. Shawn has the Obiwan, but we decided that we each want an "off scene" Jedi. In other words, we want to have a costume of a Jedi that is never seen in the film. We're not trying to recreate a specific costume; we're going for "universe of."

Colleen's Jedi


Concept Here is the concept drawing for my costume. (As soon as I figure out the flash on my camera, I'll post a better one.) Tadao Tomomatsu brought over a pair of Japanese Hakama to look at, and I decided that was just the thing for a female jedi: a pair of pants, but flowy, like a skirt. I initially wanted to have jewels or beads at the ends of the points of the sleeve, as shown in the sketch, but I decided it looked to piratey.


Attached to the drawing are my samples. I used a white poly stretch material for the undershirt with a trim left over from Colleen Kennedy's wedding dress. I picked up tan wool for the overshirt and a great grey with brown and tan speckeled fabric for the pants. I got all of my main costume fabric at Mike's on Wall Street in L.A., where they always have what I'm looking for. I picked up my brown wool cloak fabric at Yardage Town in Escondido.


JediSue Dawe kindly provided me with a pattern for my jedi cloak. She recommended washing the fabric for the right texture and weight, but I couldn't get enough fabric to make up for shrinkage. To make up for the lightness of the fabric, I put drapery weights in the hem.

When I had mostly finished the cloak, I realized that I was going to have to take the sleeves up about a foot. So I decided to go for a little style. I put pleats in at the elbows, to make it hang a little nicer. I originally used the same pleats for Colleen Kennedy's medival-style wedding dress. To the right is a portion of a picture taken by Chaz Baden at Condor in 2005. If you look carefully, you can see the sleeve pleats.



 The inner shirt was patterned off of a shirt that I own. The outer shirt is Folkwear pattern 134, Thai blouse. The pants are Folkwear pattern 151, Japanese Hakama.

To the left is a photo taken by Shawn at Celebration 3 in Indianapolis. You can mostly see that I'm wearing pants here. Note the keen pink lightsaber!

Shawn made my belt, entirely from materials at Tandy Leather. We are so happy that they have a store in Orange County and one in the valley now. The belt has an almost celtic look with the decor at the center, which I managed to match with a necklace that I picked up at Condor.


Here are a couple more pictures of my jedi costume.