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Princess L'Amour This is modeled on the Slave Girl costume worn by Carrie Fisher in Return of the Jedi.

The gold parts were made by Shawn Crosby. He used SculpeyIII covering a flexible aluminum tubing and gold spray paint. Kim Bergdahl helped with the molding and fitting. Kim Bergdahl and I sewed the skirt, and I hot-glued the leather into the breast cups.

Did you know that sculpey shrinks when you bake it?

The first incarnation of this costume for us was made in one night for a live action role playing game with Enigma Science Fiction club. This version was made for LosCon 26. I wore it as Princess L'Amour in the "Road to Chicago" sketch during the End of the World Telethon on Saturday night.

Gary Kephart looks on.

Picture by Chaz Boston Baden