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Runners For our 30th birthday, Shawn and I decided that we needed to do something fun, so we had a Logan's Run party. Our cake was decorated like Carousel, our refrigerator was labeled, "Box," and we encouraged all our guests to come in costume.

Shawn's costume is modeled on Logan's bathrobe. I based it on a caftan pattern. Colleen's costume is loosely modeled on the dress that Jessica wore when Logan called her to his office for questioning. I didn't use a pattern to make it.

We are each wearing crystals that are purported to be the actual lifeclocks from the movie.

I won a hall costume award for the "Jessica" costume at LosCon 25.

Photo by Blars at Westercon 1998 in San Diego. Isn't this fountain perfect? It's a waterfall from the ground level to the below ground level where the pool is at the Radisson(?) in Mission Valley.

Visit City of Domes, Virtual Vikki's awesome Logan's Run site. It has every detail you can imagine: props, costumes, movie info...you name it!