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About a week before NASFiC in '99, Shawn and Chaz and I were sitting around discussing the fact that hundreds of mousepads with pictures of Harlan Ellison and the phrase "I have no mouth, and I must scream," on them had been donated to LASFS and were going to be stuffed into the NASFiC registration bags. What could be done with hundreds of mousepads?

Mouseless? Harlan The night before the convention started, Shawn and I volunteered to stuff the registration bags. We left that night with some leftover mousepads, which we stored in the newsletter room. Friday night, when my editing chores were over for the day, we pulled out the box of mousepads as well as several rolls of tape, big shears, a glue gun, and a heat gun.

This costume was created by members of PanGalactic Publishing, including: Kim Bergdahl, Chaz Boston Baden, Colleen Crosby, Shawn Crosby, Sue Dawe, Jan van 't Ent, Shawnna Fox, Pat Lawrence, Maria Rodriguez, and Jennifer Rich.

When I wore it in the NASFiC masquerade, I couldn't sit down. (The masquerade lasts longer for the people participating. I was in the costume for about 4 hours.) My boots turned out to be too small, my hat too tight, and we hadn't thought about how warm and toasty mousepads might turn out to be. Thanks to Kim Bergdahl, James Briggs, Anastasia Hunter, Charles Herbig, and the many wonderful people who volunteered for the masquerade for keeping me from passing out by putting iced towels on me and fanning me.

I paraded on stage to the tune of "Finally" by CeCe Peniston. (It's very disco-y. It was used in "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.") After the first burst of applause, a voice announced, "I have no mouse, and I must scream." At which point I opened my purse, and "found" my mouse.

After the masquerade they had a very professional photography session. These pictures were taken there. While I was posing, Mike Donahue went and got Harlan Ellison (who hadn't been at the masquerade) and brought him in to see the costume. Harlan's posed with me on the right. He said that he hoped we'd win.

We did win! We won best novice, as well as an audience appreciation prize of $100, which we spent on a party.

Charles Mohapel, who was in charge of the Masquerade Photo Area at Conucopia, took a picture very like the one on the right, and it was published in the February/March 2000 issue of Science Fiction Chronicle Magazine (p 37).

Above photos by Jerry Shaw.

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