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Obishawn My husband, Shawn, is a Star Wars enthusiast, and he has always wanted an Obi Wan Kenobi costume. Some friends of ours travelled to the Star Wars exhibit at the Smithsonian in Washington and brought back detailed photos of the costume, including some pictures that showed the texture of the fabrics. Another friend gave Shawn a Japanese Kimono pattern for Christmas in 1998. He decided to wear the costume to the opening of Phantom Menace. So I got to work.

First we had to take a trip to the downtown LA fabric mart. A lot of shopping and comparing told us that we should have gone to my favorite fabric store first. Moon fabrics had the silk in the right texture for the Kimono. A nearby store had the right fabric for the outer robe.

The next step was to make a mock-up. [It was pink. :)] When the mock-up of the kimono was done, we watched Star Wars, checked photos, and researched the differences. Then we drew all over the mock-up to show the changes. The whole thing was too short and not full enough. The collar was too short and had a superfluous lining. When I made the real kimono, it came out great.

The outer robe pattern was taken from a bathrobe pattern. [The mock-up was plaid. Our mock Obi Wan has poor taste.] This was almost more difficult to make because the sleeves are huge! And they had, I think, 10 darts at the shoulder of each sleeve.

To go with this outfit, Shawn has created a neon lightsaber. When he turns it on, it powers up from the blade like the ones in the movies. He also made the belt and pouches.

Photo by Pat Lawrence at the John Williams Concert at the Hollywood Bowl, July 1999.