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A - Wing pilots



Shawn decided it was about time to have a costume to go with his "H-Wing" car, which he modeled after the Star Wars A-Wing. The A-Wing pilots wear a green jumpsuit, similar to the orange jumpsuits worn by the X-Wing pilots. Note that all the pilot costumes in episodes 4, 5, and 6 of Star Wars were loosely based on WWII English pilots.



We picked up a green jumpsuit at a local Army-Navy surplus store. Actually, we picked up two. We used the second one to cut pockets from. The pilots suits have extra pockets on the legs and arms, including a pocket with a window for id and a pocket with divisions that are about pen-sized and are used for "data transfer" thingies. Sorry the picture is so small; it's what I had.

Other soft items included in the costume are the flak vest, flare holder, and harness. The flak vest for this costume consists of a gray vest with a white flak deflector. It was challenging to make the white part, as it's in an odd shape, and you have to put pieces of rope or tubing in it to get the lines in the right shape. I'm going to have to add more pictures! The flare holder goes around the leg, just below one knee. And the harness goes around each leg and attaches to the inside of the vest.


The accessories, built by Shawn, include helmet, chest box, flares, data pens, sidearm, belt, id badge, and of course the ship. The helmet can be purchased in two pieces. It's a white plastic shell that you have to paint and assemble. Shawn's chest box was made from a toy binocular set and other pieces. The flares are made from those cartridges that you use for whipped cream dispensers. The data pens are made from pieces he picked up at All Electronics and Luky's Hardware, both located in Burbank. The H-Wing was originally made by Honda. It's been severly modified.

X - Wing Pilots



On the left is Jon; on the right is Jon's son, Jared. Jared loves Star Wars, and he wanted an X-Wing pilot costume for Halloween of 2004. Shawn and I volunteered to help out.

One of the differences between the A-Wing and the X-Wing costume is the flak vest. The X-Wing does not have the gray vest with a white attachment; it is just the white pieces with straps that go over the head.

I made Jared's little flak vest and cut his pockets. His mom, Renee, sewed everything else. I believe Shawn made Jared's chest box. Jon may have modified Jared's helmet.

Renee sewed all of Jon's costume. Jon modified his own helmet. He is using wooden dowels for his flares.

Here is a picture of me and Merrill Harris (and R2) taken at the first midnight showing of Revenge of the Sith. I'm wearing one of the green flightsuits with cobbled-together pieces from both Shawn's and Jon's costumes. I've got Shawn's helmet and straps and Jon's vest and chest box. I'll probably continue to borrow helmets and chestboxes, but I'll make my own straps and vest. If the straps aren't made for you, they tend to fall down and catch on your boots.

You can just see the head of my Ewok patch in this picture. It's a salute to my favorite science fiction universe, Firefly. The engineer in Firefly, Kaylee, wears a green jumpsuit with a teddy bear patch on it.

Below left is a picture of me with the H-Wing. In the background, you can see a picture of Katie's X-Wing car.

Below right is a picture of Shawn, me (making a very odd face), and Katy Horn. We are posing in front of the X-Wing on display at Celebration 3.