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1890s Combination

Combination I made this underwear, called a Combination, for an outfit that I was supposed to be making for my 1890's costuming class. I got as far as the underwear, the corsette, and drafting the pattern for my skirt.

This is a Simplicity pattern, but I'm not sure if it's still available. I learned to do a lace insert (seen towards the top of the garment, because I tried to make this before I made my corsette, and the top was too long for me.


Civil War Chemise and drawers

chemise and drawers I made this underwear for the Civil War from the skin out class I took from Mela Hoyt-Heyden.

This is the Past Patterns Chemise #707 and Drawers #706. I used cotton/poly eyelet fabric I got from Mike's Fabric. I probably should have used 100% cotton, but this was so pretty, I couldn't resist.

Not a good picture of me, but you get a good idea of the underwear. .


1890s Corset

chemise and drawers The same picture also shows the corset I made in a workshop. The corset is 1890's in style, but I understand that it can be used effectively for almost any time in the 1800's, which is a relief. It was a LOT of work to make. The pattern was drafted and the corsette-making class was taught by Mela Hoyt-Hayden.

Victorian Corset Cover

corset cover corset cover detail Here are some pictures of the corset cover I'm making, modified from Butterick #B3765.

I took a class at Costume College, taught by Holly van Kleek. It lasted all day and we still didn't finish! It was well-worth the time spent, as we learned pintucks, lace insertion, and many delicate handwork techniques.

I haven't yet finished the bottom, as I haven't entirely decided what costume/time period this will be.

In the detail picture, you can kind of see the pintucks, the lace insertion, and the antique buttons. I think I need to work on my photography.

1860s Elliptical Cage Crinoline

hoops I am currently (as of Spring 2005) working on making an American Civil War Ballgown. This is my elliptical cage crinoline, which holds up the skirt. It is in progress. I need to add a bustle pad to keep it from drooping in the back. I need to sew the veritcal tapes to the horizontal hoops. I need to add a ruffle to the bottom. Of course, this is not normally worn with jeans. ;)

The pattern is Truly Victorian #TV103. It was very simple to put together but very time-consuming to hand sew all the hoops to the tapes.

I purchased my hoop wire and bone casing (the hoop wire is encased in a bone casing) from Hedgehog Handworks. They were very prompt in getting me the materials I requested.

Bustle Cage

bustle I made the bustle cage in a workshop at Costume College taught by Heather McNaughton. Heather designs and sells her patterns for the company she owns with her sister Laura, Truly Victorian. This pattern is TV#101. (I hope they don't mind that I've borrowed the drawing as a temporary filler until I can get a photo up.)

Heather is simply a joy to take a workshop from. She has infinite patience, her materials are all ready, and she explains things in a very straightforward way.


Elliptical Petticoat

petticoat I just finished the structure of a petticoat to go over my elliptical hoop. I used TV#247, elliptical skirt pattern from Truly Victorian. I still need to apply a little trim to stiffen the body up. I'm going to use pink ribbon at the top of the ruffle. If, after I make my ballgown skirt, I find that I need more stiffening of the petticoat to keep the hoops from showing through, I'll add more ribbon trim where the petticoat falls between the hoop wires.