Gamera- Friend to All Children!

Gamera is a Red-Eared Slider, which is a semi-aquatic (in and out of the water) turtle. He is just over a year old, and can live as long as 30 years!

He's about 7 inches long, which makes the picture above about actual size. When he first came to live with us he was only the size of a quarter!

Gamera got his name from GAMERA, a Godzilla-type Giant Monster Turtle known as the Guardian of the Universe and Friend to All Children. The movie Gamera is 50 feet tall, can jet flame from his arm and leg holes to fly and shoot fireballs. So far my little friend here hasn't done that. To learn a bit about the Gamera in the movies, click here. Or go here for a list of his movies.

Since my Gammy lives near the beach in Southern California, he likes to hang out at the California Turtle and Tortoise Club. They can tell you all you need to know about caring for turtles. Turtles need a lot of care and attention, but they are great friends who will be a part of your family for a long time!

If you want to send an email message to Gammy, click here. I will print it and read it to him!