The Crosby Collection: Movies

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Aardman Animations
  Creature Comforts 1989


  Wat's Pig 1996
  Not Without My Handbag 1993
  Adam 1991
About a Boy 2002X
Addams Family, The 1991 


Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, The (Special Edition) 1984 X  
African Queen, The 1951  X
Aladdin (Disney) 1992  X
Amazon Women on the Moon  1986  X
Andy Griffith Show - 16 EpisodesX
Anne of Green Gables (2 parts)1987  X
Back to the Future Trilogy - Special Edition 2002X
Batman 1989  X
Beauty and the Beast  (Disney)1991  X
Better Off Dead 1985  X
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure1989  X
Black Adder II (Bells, Head, & Potato Episodes)1986  X
Black Beauty1994X
Blade Runner, Director's Cut1982 X X
Blast from the Past 1999  X
Bloom County Christmas Special     X
Blues Brothers, The 1980  X
Breakfast Club, The 1985  X
Brigadoon 1954  X
Caddyshack 1980  X
Casablanca 1942  X
Charlie Brown Christmas, A1965  X
Charlie's Angels 2000 X  
Chicken Run 2000 X  
Citizen Kane 1941  X
City Slickers 1992  X
Clockwork Orange, A 1971  X
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Collector's Edition) 1977 X  
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2000 X
Davidson: Blaster's Rocket Fuel     X
  Torrance Art Department     X
Desperately Seeking Susan 1985   X
Die Hard X
Dirty Dancing 1987  X
Dogma 1999 X  
Dragnet, the 50's TV series 1988 X
Dogma 1999 X  
Enigma Players
 Enigma Players, LosCon: Milliways1998  X
  Milliways Raw Foootage1998  X
  LosCon: Bug Hunt & USO Show1997  X
Ever After 1998  X
Fantasia, Disney
  Fantasia 1940 X
  Fantasia 2000 2000 X  
  Fantasia Anthology  -Legacy- 2000 X  
Ferris Bueller's Day Off 1986  X
Fiddler on the Roof 1971 X  
Forrest Gump 1995  X
Fried Green Tomatoes 1991  X
Galaxy Quest 1999 X  
Gallagher: Melon Crazy 1984  X
Ghostbusters 1984 X
Ghostbusters 2 1989 X  
Goonies, The 1985  X
Great Race, The 1965  X
Hair 1979 X  
Hardware Wars (Collector's Edition) 1977 X
Highlander (DVD-10th Anniversary Director's Cut) 1986 X X
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, (2 parts)1981  X
Home Alone 1990  X
How the Grinch Stole Christmas1966  X
Iron Giant, The 1999  X
Independence Day 1996 X  
It's a Wonderful Life 1946   X
Jaws (Collector's Edition) 1975 X  
Joe vs. the Volcano 1990  X
Johnny Dangerously 1984  X
Lady & the Tramp  (Disney) 1955  X
League of Their Own, A 1992  X
Little Princess, A 1995X   
Logan's Run 1976X
Long Kiss Goodnight 1996  X
Lord of the Rings
The Fellowship of the Ring - 4 disc set (Special Edition) 2001 X
  National Geographic - Beyond the movie (Extended Edition) 2002 X
Lux Theater
Schoolhouse Theater 2001 X
  Lux After Dark 2002 X X
M*A*S*H  1970X
Max Headroom 1985  X
Metropolis 1927   X
Mind's Eye, The (Computer Animation)1990  X
Minority Report2002 X
Monster's, Inc.2001 X
Monty Python's The Meaning of Life 1983 X  
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington1939  X
Mummy, The 1999  X
Muppet Movie, The 1979  X
Music Man, The 1962  X
Nightmare Before Christmas, The 1993 X  
Nightmare on Elm Street 2, A1985  X
1941   1979 X
9 to 51980  X
O Brother, Where Art Thou? 2000X   
October Sky 1999X
Oliver! (musical) 1969  X
Parenthood 1989 X
Poseidon Adventure 1972 X
Princess Bride, The 1987 X   
(Adventures of) Priscilla, Queen of the Desert1994  X
Indiana Jones Series
  Raiders of the Lost Ark 1981  X
  Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom 1986  X
  Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade 1989  X
Road to Morocco, The 1942 X
Robocop 1987  X
Romeo + Juliet (Special Edition) 1996X
Romy & Michele's High School Reunion 1997  X
Roxanne 1987  X
Saturday Night Live Series
  Dan Akroyd1986  X
  Chevy Chase1987  X
  Steve Martin1992   X
Schoolhouse Rock - Television series1973  
  Grammar1973   X
  Complete 30th Anniversary Special Edition2002
Scrooged 1988 X
Shawn: The College Years 1985   X
Silverado 1985X    
Singin' in the Rain (Special Edition) 1952
Sixteen Candles 1984  X
Somewhere In Time 1980 X    
Spiderman 2002 X
Star Trek Series
 Star Trek 3, The Search for Spock1984  X
 Star Trek 4, The Voyage Home1986  X
 Next Generation: Yesterday's Enterprise/Offspring1988   X
 Star Wars Series
  Star Wars 1977  X
  The Empire Strikes Back1980  X
  Return of the Jedi1983  X
  Special Edition (3 parts)1997  X
Attack of the Clones, Episode 22002X
  The Phantom Menace, Episode 11999X X
  Star Wars Holiday Special, The1978  X
  The Making of a Saga-From Star Wars to Jedi1983   X
  The Making of Star Wars1995   X
  Star Wars Mania     X
  The Mythology of Star Wars       X
  Screen Tests, George Lucas in Love, Duck Dodgers, Troops, SNL Bits       X
  Special Edition Bits       X
  Troops & Hardware Wars & Kenner Toy Commercials       X
Tales of the City Series
 Tales of the City1993   X
 More Tales of the City1998   X
Thin Man Series
 After the Thin Man1936  X
 Shadow of the Thin Man1941  X
Titanic (2 parts)1997  X
Titanic Special: The Discovery Channel   X
Top Gun1986  X
Topper1937  X
Toy Story Series
 Toy Story1995 X   
 Toy Story Two2000 X    
 The Ultimate Toy Box (Supplemental Features)2000 X    
Tron  20th Anniversary Collector's Edition1982X
True Lies1994X  
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea1954  X
The Fabulous World of Jules Verne 1958    X
UHF 1989


Wallace & Gromit Series
  A Grand Day Out1992  X
  The Wrong Trousers1993  X
  A Close Shave1995  X
Wargames1983  X
Wedding Singer, The 1998


Weird Al Bits (1 1/2 hours)       X
West Side Story1961


When Harry Met Sally (Special Edition)1989
Who Framed Roger Rabbit1988  X
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory1971  X
Young Frankenstein1974  X
Young Sherlock Holmes1986  X


Workout videos

Jane Fonda's Original Workout   X
Jane Fonda's Lean Routine   X
Jane Fonda's Lower Body Solutions   X
Marilu Henner's Danceaerobics   X
Tai Bo, parts 1 & 2   X
Yoga for Beginners X  
Yoga with Props   X

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