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Iron Giant

My 1999 pumpkin, The Iron Giant.

Tigger Society

Shawnna Fox, Kelly Bryson, John Bryson, Tigger, Shawn Crosby, Colleen Crosby. We were on vacation at Disneyworld in 1997? celebrating John and Kelly's honeymoon.


Phil Adler, Judy Adler, Shawn Hesslin, Tamara Boyd, Tapani Ronni, Michael Reed, Colleen Kennedy, Rachel Hesslin, Colleen Crosby, and Shawn Crosby. This was the Enigma Camping Trip to Santa Barbara in 1999. Picture by Lee Bennett.

My Grandma

This is my beautiful Grandma Peg.

Snow? Snow!

This was our April 1999 trip to Pine, Arizona with Phil and Judy Adler. The snow was a huge surprise!