Stephanie Edwards to return to KTLA Rose Parade coverage

Roses for KTLA’s Stephanie Edwards — LATimes

There’ll be no rain on the upcoming Tournament of Roses Parade for former KTLA-TV host Stephanie Edwards — at least, not figuratively.

Edwards, the veteran broadcaster who was removed from the station’s coverage of the New Year’s Day event two years ago after co-hosting for more than 25 years, will return to her familiar role on Jan. 1, 2009, station executives announced Tuesday.

“The people at the station thought it was a great idea, and Stephanie thought it was a great idea,” said station spokesman Paul Nichols.

Oddly, just this morning I was thinking about which Rose Parade coverage I would want to watch. We tried HGTV’s last year — gave up on KTLA after too much Michaela Pereira and Bob Eubanks subtly threatening to leave when his contract expired — but now we’ll be back. KTLA’s coverage is picked up by KRON-4 here in the Bay Area.

Thanks to SeanYoda for the link.

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