Updated network map

Updating this post from earlier this year, here is the current network map done on Gliffy.

Changes/additions from last time:

  • Added Apple MacBook Pro notebook (GJETOST)
  • Added Maxtor 500GB NAS box (EDAM). Still need to switch this to static IP addressing.
  • Added Buffalo DriveStation Combo 4 1TB eSATA box (MOZZARELLA) for DirecTV DVR storage.
  • Removed the “TBD” file server from the diagram, since now with the 500GB NAS there is no need for a full-fledged file server.

Total live storage:

Device Capacity
GuestRoom (DirecTiVo) 500GB
LivingRoom (DirecTiVo) 500GB
Total: 3.28TB

Not all of this storage is immediately available for arbitrary use, but if I really wanted to I could ftp to either of the DirecTiVo boxes or mount the eSATA box as FireWire on the Mac. Also, somehow the two DirecTiVos don’t have cheese names. How did that happen?

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Updated network map

Updating this post from last year, here is the current network map done on Gliffy.

Network map on Gliffy

Two changes at Jennifer’s desk:

  • Moved the Linksys WAP54G inside to Jennifer’s desk area — better coverage throughout the house.
  • Added a Linksys SD208 8-port switch at Jennifer’s desk — needed since there are only two hardwired ports at the desk, and there are now three devices (her computer, the print server and the WAP54G).

We did get the new TV and media stack downstairs as previously mentioned, and much of the equipment is networked or networkable:

  • Added the DirecTV HR21-700 HD-DVR — two built-in Ethernet ports.
  • Added a second Philips DSR704 DirecTiVo — running standalone, no satellite connection, just for MRV (TiVo Multi-Room Viewing) of recorded programs from upstairs.
  • Added a Nintendo Wii game console — built-in WiFi.
  • Added a Linksys WGA600N wireless-to-Ethernet bridge and a Linksys USB200M Ethernet-to-USB adapter.

I haven’t built the file server in the garage yet, but between the two DirecTiVos and Jennifer’s machine we now have 1.5TB of available media storage, and that doesn’t count the unexplored internals of the HR21-700 HD-DVR.

Note added 2008-08-08: An updated version of this post is here.

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Home network diagram

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned Gliffy, a Web service that lets you draw and diagram anything you can think of—think Visio in your Web browser. And it works in Opera and Firefox.

I’ve done up my home network map in Gliffy:
Home network map in Gliffy

The “proposed” line at the bottom signifies adding another segment for a TV in the bedroom, if we decide to do that. The existing TV is in the guest room.

Note added 2008-02-18: An updated version of this post is here.

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