Olympic trip restaurants – a complete list

Here follows a complete list of everywhere we ate on our recent Winter Olympics trip. I’ll start by simply listing each place and then go back and update the post with links and suchlike. This list is assembled by credit card receipts, since we used plastic almost exclusively to avoid having to exchange cash and to help track things later. That does mean that there may be a couple of things missing where we did use cash, but nothing significant.

Tuesday, February 9:
Ixzibit Cafe, Radisson Hotel, San Jose
Wednesday, February 10:
Beechers Handmade Cheese, Seattle
Library Bistro and Bookstore Bar, Seattle
Pike Brewing Co, Seattle
Thursday, February 11:
Amtrak Cascades snack bar, somewhere between Seattle and Vancouver BC
(all following are Vancouver BC until noted otherwise)
Starbucks, Pivotal Building
Friday, February 12:
Smart Mouth Cafe
Deighton’s Well
Fairmont Pacific Rim lobby lounge
Saturday, February 13:
Tim Hortons, 555 Hastings St
Six Acres
Sunday, February 14:
Vera’s Burger Carral
Monday, February 15:
The Blarney Stone
Tuesday, February 16:
F&B; concession, UBC Thunderbird Arena
Revel Room
Wednesday, February 17:
Starbucks, International Village
The Bay (Coke counter)
Pivo Public House
Thursday, February 18:
Sciue Italian Bakery Caffe
Top of Vancouver
Friday, February 19:
F&B; concession, GM Place
Six Acres
Saturday, February 20:
Vera’s Burger Carral
Sunday, February 21:
Monday, February 22:
Stanley’s Park Bar and Grill
Salt Tasting Room
Tuesday, February 23:
Incendio Gastown
Pivo Public House
Wednesday, February 24:
Urban Sushi
Thursday, Februray 25:
Salty Tongue Urban Deli
The Greedy Pig
Friday, February 26:
The Irish Heather
Trees Organic Coffee Gastown
Saturday, February 27:
Smart Mouth Cafe
East Fusion
Amtrak Cascades snack bar, somewhere between Vancouver BC and Seattle
Sunday, February 28:
Starbucks No. 1, Seattle
Three Girls Bakery, Seattle
Amtrak lounge, somewhere between Seattle and San Jose

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A special mini Olympic photo update: Mount Baker

I’m uploading today’s batch of pictures but wanted to get this one out as soon as possible:

Mount Baker as seen from the Top of Vancouver restaurant.

Until we were at the Top of Vancouver restaurant this afternoon, I had never even noticed Mount Baker on the southwest skyline of Vancouver; we’d always been more or less surrounded by buildings, except when up at Cypress Mountain and the visibility wasn’t great up there. From the 553 ft / 167 m height of the slowly-revolving restaurant, we got a terrific aerial view of the city and surrounding areas and I was surprised and shocked at the sight of this huge mountain dominating the horizon. I couldn’t tell how the picture would come out–it looked good on the D60′s tiny LCD screen, but you never know until you get it home–but once I saw this I knew I had to share it as soon as I possibly could.

So enjoy. Click the image for a much larger version. More soon.

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Winter Olympics days, uh, two through six

So much for the daily updates. I have been taking an awful lot of pictures and video (with my Flip mini) but various events have conspired to either prevent or discourage me from actually posting.

Fireworks followed lighting of the Olympic cauldron at Canada Place.

We attended Ladies Moguls on Saturday and Mens Moguls on Sunday at Cypress Mountain. There’s more to say about Cypress Mountain but I’m not going to go into it here because it’ll only raise my blood pressure. Do a Google News search for “Cypress Mountain” and you’ll get the gist.

Canadian Moguls star Jennifer Heil prepares for her silver-medal winning run.

We’re persevering, though, and have replaced most of the canceled tickets with other events in town. Mostly hockey. We’ll be seeing a lot of hockey, both Womens and Mens. Speaking of which, why are the skiing events for women called “Ladies” but the hockey events are called “Womens”?

Face-off near the end of Womens USA vs. Russia hockey at UBC Thunderbird Arena.

The aspect of this trip that’s making all the ticketing troubles fade away is the restaurant and bar scene here in Vancouver. The Gastown area, where we’re staying, is almost nothing but pubs, restaurants, bars, etc for several blocks in every direction.

View Larger Map

Not to mention many, many more places in the downtown area and other neighborhoods. We’ve been here six days, have been to a minimum of two different places per day (no repeats) and there’s no end in sight. At some point I’ll list them all here; I have saved all the receipts both for reference and to apply for GST refund when we get home.

The lights of Gastown as viewed from near the Gassy Jack statue.

There’s plenty to do outside of eating, drinking and the occasional Olympic event, of course. VANOC has set up two “LiveCity” locations, one very close to us in the downtown area and one a bit further away in Yaletown. We found ourselves near the Yaletown location on Tuesday night and stuck around for a while to watch some event coverage, medal ceremonies and a musical act. One of the songs they played might be familiar to longtime Disneyland fans…


Today is an off day, with no events scheduled (or canceled…) so we’re doing some more exploring. Vancouver is much like San Francisco in that it’s very walkable, but unlike San Francisco the hills are merely “hills” and not “nearly vertical summits”. Public transit is free to visitors during the Games and we’ve used that a few times, but are mostly walking from place to place.

I’ll continue adding pictures to this photo album every couple of days, and do blog updates when I can. You might be interested in following my Twitter feed at least for the duration; most of what ends up in blog posts is Tweeted live as it happens.

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We’re in Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics!

After two years of planning and two days of traveling, we are finally here, and the Games start tonight!

Jennifer standing in front of the Molson Canadian Hockey House

We flew from San Jose to Seattle on Wednesday morning and took the Amtrak Cascades from Seattle to Vancouver yesterday. We’re staying at a condo rented by someone Jennifer found on a Web site set up for Vancouver residents who planned to be out of town and wanted to rent their homes to visitors. The place we’re staying is in between Gastown and Chinatown and just a couple of short blocks from BC Place, the stadium complex where most of the in-town events will be held.

The torch relay passed right in front of our place!

Vancouver has a ton of great restaurants and so far we’ve visited three:

We haven’t made any dining reservations, instead relying on the great likelihood that with so many places available, we’ll surely get in somewhere.

The opening ceremony is tonight! No, we didn’t spend upwards of $1000 each for tickets, but there will be lots of public spaces to see it live.

There will be many more posts and pictures in the next two weeks.

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